Over the past 25 years I have photographed many different people, events, products and a very wide variety of types of sessions.  I photographed my first model session back in 1991 or 1992, I honestly can’t remember.  I had wanted to be a landscape photographer and my friend’s girlfriend was a model who needed some images taken.  About two weeks after I photographed her, her agent contacted me and he loved the images.  I suddenly became an agency approved photographer.  Back in the 90’s this was a pretty big deal because there were not too many photographers who were doing this.  It was still film and film was (and still is) expensive.  So to get paid work was pretty damn awesome!


This was also the time when my photography business just kind of started happening and it really just kind of blew up faster than I could have ever imagined.  I started shooting for car magazines the same way, I was just in the right place at the right time.  I had photographed some amazing show cars for a class project and a very popular car magazine needed images of those specific cars.  This led to more editorial work with a few different magazines and publishing companies.

I had another friend who had asked me to photograph her sister’s wedding.  I had assisted at weddings before but had never really shot one alone.  From the beginning I didn’t do things traditionally.  I remember having the bride and groom come to my home studio for some portraits in between the ceremony and the reception.  This was the benefit of a Catholic wedding, we had 4 hours for photos!  I still remember how the black and white portraits on a black backdrop looked so different than any other wedding I had seen before.  I now wish I didn’t give the couple the negatives, I’d love to go back and see them again.

Palm Springs Wedding

During this time was also when I had many of my friends in college asking me for photos.  I was in a theatre class and many of my female friends wanted lingerie or “boudoir” style images done.  Some for their boyfriends and some just because they wanted that type of photo session.  It was almost as if I was getting a crash course in photography, and I was shooting everything but landscapes!  It was as if the universe just pushed me into people photography.  And it worked, it turns out after all of these years I really enjoy people photography more than anything else.

I have many stories from my photography career.  I will be sharing them here on this blog as time goes by.  I have had other blogs before, but this time I just wanted to simply be me.  I’m not here to sell myself, I’m here to be myself.  I have reached a point in my career where I really just don’t want to have to play a role to get a job.  Yes I have photographed many nude people.  If this offends you in any way, I’m not the photographer for you.  I have had brides who have either loved or hated that type of work.  Well, I have a lot of friends who I take photos of who can’t keep their clothes on and I have shot for many magazines who show nudity.  My friends are actors, models, artists and more.  Some keep their clothes on some don’t.

Brittney in my backyard

My work is my work.  Regardless if you approve or not, this is what I do, this is me.  I just want to be me and if it means I lose work from it then oh well.  I wanted a site where I could show everything from my craziest shoots to my most favorite weddings to just simple portraits that I love.  I’ll even show some of the very rare landscape photography which I still occasionally do.

In the beginning of my career people asked me to photograph everything for them.  When my friend Yolanda hired me to photograph her sister’s wedding she did so after seeing the images my friend Amber showed her of the boudoir session I shot of her.  I did a huge family reunion photo for my friend Becky which led to a fine art nude session of herself.  This is how my life as a photographer began and it never really stopped being this way.  But with the invention of the Internet and digital photography, suddenly you had to be a “specialist” and show that weddings or portraits or model photography was what you solely did.  This is a bunch of crap.  If I have a specialty it is simply being a people photographer.  If people are involved I want to photograph it.  It is really that simple.

Olivia in the living room

Sorry for the very long first post on this blog, hopefully you come back for more.  But this is me, uncensored, unfiltered and unwilling to pretend I don’t do one thing to hopefully book something else.  I am a photographer because I have passion for it, I don’t know what I would do if I weren’t a photographer.  I’m not here for glory, money, to look cool or any of that crap.  I am here to share what I love to do and to show the work I am proud of.  I don’t care if you call me an artist or just some guy with a camera.  I am me and this is my blog.  The work you see here is all created by myself and I cannot thank my clients enough for having faith in my vision and allowing me to just do what I do.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but for now here are some of my favorite images of some semi-recent sessions and events.


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