The In-Between

Love is something that really draws me in.  I don’t mean that cheesy Hollywood version of love, I mean people who are in the moment and living it.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on about some sappy crap.  I just really like the moments in between, the ones where couples have no clue I am taking their photo.

These are the real moments, they may not always be the favorite photos of the day to my clients, but they usually are to me.  So much can be said without saying a word.  It is the comfort level they have with each other, the trust, the everything.  Okay I’m getting sappy again.

Photography isn’t just about posing people in front of a camera and telling them to smile.  Sure, that has been done for years, but that isn’t what I want to do with it.  If they hire me it isn’t just for taking photos, in this day and age anyone can get a digital camera and figure out a good enough exposure and frame it somewhat properly.  I look for content.  What am I trying to say with a photograph?  What is the story?  What is their story?

Monroe Hotel Wedding

Love is love.  We all experience it in one way or another.  But it means something different to everyone, we all hold it in our hearts in different ways.  This is why I love what I get to do.  These photos are not just about my couples, they are about me.  A piece of me is in every photo I take.  This is what I say when I go in with an open mind and an open heart.  For some reason I just really crave this type of connection, even if it is just a slight connection, to me it makes the biggest difference.

The Parker Wedding

I know some photographers want to create “award winning” types of shots, personally I am happy with capturing the in-between moments.  I’ll take the little victories, this is just one more reason why I do what I do.


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