For The Love

Since I have worked in the fashion, glamour, entertainment and wedding/portrait industries I have had some very curious conversations with photographers.  One of the most common is from non-wedding photographers who always ask me why do you shoot weddings?  They say things like, they suck, they’re too much work, you have to deal with the crazy mother of the bride or a bridezilla.  But to me, they’re fun!

Ali and Girls

Think about this for a minute.  Yes, it can be a stressful day, but I am there on one of the happiest days of a person’s life!  There is so much happiness and flat out joy going around that it is hard to no get some great images.  I meet awesome people, sometimes I get fed some amazing food and I always get paid.  I prefer to say I do what I love, because this is so very true, but I have had so many commercial clients either just not pay the invoice, claim they sent a check, try to pay you half the rate they owe you after the shoot.  I almost never have this problem with a wedding client.

So while there may be stress, these are fun days and I don’t worry about the money, therefore there is one less distraction.  I go in with a clear head and I can just be creative and get the shots I know they will want.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Another cool thing about weddings is that it is one big party!  You have the emotional content, the traditions, the must have shots, but you also have fun.  You have celebration and sometimes even an after party.  Or in the case of the images in today’s post, a before party.  This was a “White” party where everyone (including myself) wore white.

This is when good friends and family come together.  I still don’t see why people complain about not wanting to photograph weddings.  These are events when people ask to have their photo taken.  The dress up, pose for the camera and smile without you even asking.  I know I make it sound easy, because often times it is a technical nightmare with crazy DJ lights, but when things go right they go right!


I’m not a “Rockstar” photographer, or some guy who thinks I am so cool because I shoot weddings of famous people or somewhat famous people.  And believe me, I’ve got a photo I am dying to share on here, I’m just clearing it with my client first.  But it isn’t because of who it is of, it is because of the style of this one image.  The perfect person in the perfect situation.  Love it!  I really hope I can share it soon.

Fun Couple

I guess where I’m going with this post is that I love shooting everything I shoot.  I have a rule.  If I don’t like it, I don’t do it.  It is really simple.  I get leads on weddings every day that are easy pickings to just make money, but the problem is that I am not the right photographer for these people.  I know this and they should know it.  But I could lie and say I would love to photograph your wedding in this style that looks nothing like what I do.  But why would I do that to them?  This is their wedding day, not some day for me just to make a quick buck.  You need to respect your client and your own talent.

A few years ago I met with a couple, they were really cool, we got along but I didn’t see us making a good fit together.  They then met with a good friend of mine and were considering hiring her as their photographer.  I remember sending them an email saying they should book her right away because even I know she is the best photographer for them.  The funny thing is that they have referred me to some of their best friends because they got it.  The knew the difference and loved that I didn’t just try to sell them on my services.

The Girls

When you love what you do, well this comes easy.  And when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  You just get to go to some great parties and meet awesome new friends.


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