A Beautiful Day

Back in August I photographed this awesome little wedding in San Diego.  When I first spoke with the bride, Sarah, on the phone I just had a really good feeling about this wedding.  She is very low maintenance, down to earth and really didn’t want to go overboard with traditional wedding photos.  Her groom, Tommy was the same way, no over-posed type of shots and they really wanted me to just document the day.

San Diego Wedding

I love these types of weddings because it focuses on the actual emotion of the day.  Yes I love the party weddings too, but I think what it is, well I think I like weddings where people are who they are and they don’t go for what every wedding magazine or wedding blog tells them they should do.  This wedding was all about their personalities.  They love theatre and they love music, but they don’t crave attention and wish to share the spotlight with everyone.  Hopefully this makes sense.

San Diego Wedding

There was a subtle romance to this wedding.  And I know all weddings are romantic, but this one was unspoken.  It was very elegant in it’s simplicity and there was a true connection with every single guest who was in attendance. It wasn’t about the decor, it wasn’t about the venue, it was just about them.  It was simply a beautiful day.  And I’m not going to over-share the images.  Here are the few I personally like, for my own reasons.



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