Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to approach a photo session.  When Wes and Chelsea wanted photos together I knew this was something I had to do a certain way.  We knew what we wanted them to look like but how I was going to approach it was totally up to me.  So I asked them if they were cool with minimal wardrobe and just being close to each other.

I wanted them to connect on camera so I really had to make the space comfortable.  This is something I do a lot.  I will actually find a space where I can set up a temporary studio, often outside, and this way there is no cold, sterile studio to make people want to tense up.  This is one more reason why I started shooting from my home.  A home is inviting and it feels like you, as a person, should be there.  Studios are cool if you’re a photographer and you’re photographing models or someone who has a desire to flaunt themselves in front of a camera.  But for a more intimate setting I always liked the home vibe, or an outdoor setting.

Wes and Chelsea

A funny thing about this shoot, you could hear the birds chirping constantly and every time Wes and Chelsea got close to each other the birds would chirp and sing more and more.  It was hard not to laugh while this was going on.  But it made for a very relaxed session.

Wes and Chelsea

I love these simple little sessions.  I can pack up my studio into my little car and go anywhere with it.  No power cords required, no assistants, just me and my subject(s).  I need to do more sessions like this very soon.


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