Little Things

I have been going through older images, some fairly recent too, but today is a day when I realize I seriously love what I do.  I came across these images of a wedding my wife and I photographed at Salvation Mountain.  This couple came all the way from Germany to get married at this little unique spot of the world.  I don’t remember where they saw it, or how they found it, but they really wanted to get married there.

Uli and Claudia

It was a very small ceremony, just the bride, the groom and their baby girl.  Well plus my wife and myself photographing the event along with an officiant.  It was short and sweet and everything they wanted.  This is one thing I love about the desert, weddings are more about what the couple wants.  If they want a big fancy wedding they are doing it for themselves, if they want something small and intimate, they are doing it for themselves.

Uli and Claudia

This seems to be the one common thread, people do what they want.  I really like this level of realism they have with their own weddings.  It is as if they ask themselves, what would make us happy?  And then that is exactly what they do.

Uli and Claudia

I have photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, and I have been lucky to have made friends with many of my clients.  I have also been lucky to have seen so many awesome ceremonies and witnesses so many people profess their love for each other.  I guess as I get older these little things seem so much more important to me.


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