Push Yourself

I met Victoria many years ago, I think she was just 19 when she did her first boudoir session with my wife.  I was assisting my wife and going over the photos with Victoria.  She had mentioned how she had often thought of modeling and just really enjoyed being in front of the camera.  Some people love to pose and have the attention that photos bring you.  Victoria was more of a natural, just very free flowing and really into creating a mood and just wanted to make great images.

She had set up another session, this time with both my wife and myself photographing her.  I should dig out that old session as there are some really amazing shots from it!  But this led to more sessions with both my wife and myself.  We really connected as artist and subject.  We have a great understanding of what the other is wanting out of each image.  I love working with people who have this open channel.  Its like she gets inside my head and knows exactly what I am thinking of when I shoot.


The last time we shot we did something for a project I was working on but then I asked if she wanted something a little more like boudoir, but in that style I love to shoot in.  I love that hazy look, it reminds me of a hot summer in LA in 1972 when the sky was almost amber due to pollution.  I know pollution isn’t supposed to be romantic, but I love the way it filtered the light.  Hated breathing it in, but I think you know what I mean.

In my old studio I had different sets of curtains and fabric to help create this vibe.  I had everything from red to orange to yellow to even purple!  I would even put up this type of fabric in my SUV and shoot inside of it!  But I love diffused light, at my wife’s coffee shop there is this gorgeous diffused light that comes through right before the sun goes behind the mountain.  I really want to shoot during that 3 minute period!  Maybe the next time Victoria pays us a visit I’ll have her pose for me at the right moment.


One of the best parts about meeting someone like Victoria is building a working relationship.  It is a creative relationship where we simply push each other to get better at what we do.  When you work with the same person over and over you have to out do yourself every time.  You obviously cannot do the same thing you did before.  This also inspires creativity because if you have 10 different clients you can use the same sets and the same poses and they won’t know the difference.  But if you work with the same person 10 times it forces you to come up with new ideas.


This is why I like working with certain people over and over.  It inspires me to create.  It makes me work harder and I always end up with something new that I have never done with any before.  It has been a little while since I have worked with Victoria, I may have to contact her soon and set up another shoot. 🙂


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