From The Start

I remember being at a wedding and seeing this one bridesmaid sitting alone at the reception.  My first thought was that it was the end of the night, she was tired and just kind of taking a break from all of the festivities.  She was very pretty, would smile every time I passed by with the camera, not a fake smile, one that was welcoming and seemed genuine.  I noticed how some men would talk to her, kind of chat a little but then go away and she sat there alone for a little while.

This went on for the last couple of hours of the reception.  What I didn’t know then is that she was single, technically available but was definitely looking for the right guy and possibly had found one with potential.  Many months go by, and I have forgotten all about this moment in my life where I was wondering why this bridesmaid was alone and I am up in Portland, OR photographing weddings for most of the month of August.  This is when I get a phone call from a very excited bride.

Christina and Brian

She begins telling me how I photographed her cousin’s wedding and she loved the photos and I have to be her photographer!  I’m thinking to myself how this is the easiest booking of my life.  She then tells me who she is and I am suddenly drawn back to that moment when I saw her sitting alone at her cousin’s wedding.  This is that bridesmaid!

Apparently she had already met her husband to be right before the wedding where she was a bridesmaid but they had not started dating.  So here she was, at her cousin’s wedding, doing her part as a bridesmaid and smiling all day as she turned down the advances of other guys because she had met who is now turning out to be her future husband.

Christina and Brian

After about 10 minutes on the phone with her, and she hired me immediately, I really felt like I was there when their relationship had started.  She had remembered me, she loved the photography and we got along great!  We did an engagement session in Santa Barbara and this is where their wedding was held as well.  This was a fairly traditional wedding, but I still feel like I was able to bring out the stylish side as well as those little hidden moments in between.

Christina and Brian

Christina and Brian were a blast to photograph and I love that I was able to be a part of their relationship from the very beginning, even if none of us knew it at the time!


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