Soft and Pretty

I have a love for soft, pretty light.  I love it when light wraps around a person and creates this wonderful haze which just surrounds them.  There is something very ethereal about it.  I don’t know how or why I started shooting like this, but I think it started when I was in high school.  I was a photographer for my school’s yearbook and I would always seek out this type of light.  I would shoot soccer games, football games and more always seeking out this soft light.

I remember taking a photo of my friend Michelle sitting down by the lockers with all of this glorious window light coming in from behind.  I remember being so pissed at the rest of the staff because they didn’t know who she was and they put her down as a “freshman girl by the lockers” instead of listening to me saying who she was and that she was actually in 11th grade.  Now I just look at that photo I took at 17 years old and realize that I have had this style for so many years!


There was a time when I would teach workshops and people would ask me how I get the light that I get.  Honestly I have no idea, I just know what works for me.  I have a couple of favorite cameras I like to work with but I seem to get the same results whether it is film or digital or even which camera I use.  It is all about figuring out your style.  Figuring out what you like to shoot.  Once you get this down the rest is easy, of course this is often the hardest part to realize.

Jessica Today

I have loved shooting this way for most of my career.  It has led me to some great jobs, have met some wonderful people and has ended up giving me some of my favorite shots of all time.  I am not the most technical photographer out there, but I know what I like.  So far this has been working for me, hopefully it continues!



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