It Just Happens

I’ve been away for a bit.  I’ve been busy revamping everything about my website (which isn’t finished yet) and I have been trying to set up new shoots, book new clients and change camera systems all at once!  I’m hoping to have everything updated by the first of the New Year, but who knows, and honestly it is okay if it isn’t updated by then.  I have all the plans set in motion and I will keep pushing forward with new work, revamping old work and I have some very cool plans for the future!


In the past I worked with a lot of models, and some of my models were not working models, some were people who just wanted to be in front of my camera, and I am very lucky to have met these people!  While we would shoot some cool photos in a fashion style I would always want to shoot portraits with them as well.  There is something about portraits that I really like.  I like the simplicity of them but there is so much you can say with one photo.

I remember many people who came into my studio, and the portraits were my favorite images.  I love working with very simple light set ups, nothing too intimidating to the subject and I like to keep everything very comfortable.  I often work with just myself and my subject so the walls tend to be let down and we just talk, relax and have fun taking some great images together.


In the coming year I have many photo shoots planned, from creative to simple.  I am downsizing my gear, working more on an intimate level and focusing on quality rather than quantity.  Not that I didn’t strive for quality before, but there is an art to slowing down and setting the mood rather than just shooting a ton of images and picking out the “good ones”.  I like talking to people, getting to know them and really trying to create an image of who they are.  I could ramble on about this all day, so instead I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite images that weren’t planned at the photo shoot, they just happened and I am so happy they did!



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