The Mood

I am so happy with where my career is right now.  After spending so many years photographing weddings, portraits, editorials, models and actors and so many other events I feel as though I am finally at a place where I can say I am very comfortable photographing nearly any situation with people.  I had an amazing wedding a few weeks ago.  This was not the typical wedding.  There were no guests, and no ceremony.  It was an editorial style session here in Palm Springs.

This is just a sneak peek, but I loved the fact that I got to focus on the mood and the vibe of the shoot.  So many times at weddings people just want the same old traditional photos.  Honestly I can do that in my sleep, but these images were more about the two of them and their love of the 1960’s and Palm Springs.

Meaghan & Haas

With 2017 so close I don’t want to make a New Year’s resolution, but if I do make one it is to focus more on these types of sessions.  Even my boudoir sessions have become something different same with my portrait sessions.  This is something I have been working towards for many years and I feel like I am so lucky because it is all working out the way I had hoped!

Meaghan & Haas

I’ll have more images to share very soon, but for now these are just some sneak peeks into what will be coming up in the very near future!  Here is to the New Year and a very positive vibe going into 2017!


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