The Simple Life

I think I have gotten to a point in my life where I am in love with simplicity and keeping things to a minimum.  I really like how I have downsized my studio, my camera gear and even my computer space.  My full studio now consists of a small laptop bag and a small camera bag.  I have a few stands and a few odds and ends, but overall, this is all I carry!  I love it!

For many years I have wanted to downsize, not that I had too much stuff, but the less I used the better I shot.  I felt like the better I was able to use my creativity or just be in the moment.  Sometimes there are easy shoots where you just don’t need a lot of gear, especially for the kind of work I’m doing these days.

I have to admit, I have an attachment to film and the whole process of shooting film.  But the part of that wants to be a little more environmentally friendly wants to only shoot digitally and have less of an impact on the world around me.  The idea of being able to shoot and load to my computer immediately, edit and then deliver the images all without using any chemicals or paper is very nice.  And while I do miss the smell of Dektol, I also don’t miss the smell of Dektol!


When I was up in Portland a couple of years ago, I spent about 6 weeks helping out a friend’s business, I met Willow, a very cool model.  I drove up to her place one day, it was about 30 minutes away from my friend’s where I was staying.  As usually for the Pacific North West, it was borderline rain all day.  We were going to shoot for a magazine and I had brought my film and digital cameras.  While talking about the shoot, we had decided to take a stroll in the field just down the street from her house.  The editorial was a fairly simple men’s magazine style shoot, and this was the same wardrobe used for it, but I really wanted to shoot some more lifestyle influenced photos of her in this outfit.

It was just me and her, my digital camera and one lens.  A very simple set up, natural light and we just shot some “pretty pictures”.  I had my lights and other gear for the editorial part of the shoot, and we used all of it when we shot for the magazine, but these ended up being some of my favorite images.  Just Willow, who she was, in front of the camera.  Neither one of us had any walls up and it was such an easy shoot.  I love it when I get to shoot like this.  I definitely want more sessions like this. Simple, fun, silly and just good times for all.  And I was able to upload everything to my computer and send her edits in the same day!  It isn’t just the instant gratification I like (which is nice) but it is the feeling of sharing what I have just created with my partner in the collaboration.


With all of the work I have done over the years I must say that these simple little moments are often my favorite.  It is where I get to know my subjects, get to talk to them about life and get to photograph who they are and not just what they look like.  This was a good day and this makes me strive to make more days like this happen in my life!


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