All About Vibe

Today I have started making more changes to this site.   For years I have focused on beauty photography.  Most of my work has been with women, once in a while with men, but even with weddings the bride (for the most part) has been the one who selected me to be the photographer.  I am continuing this type of work, but I have to say that I am narrowing down my niche market.

I definitely have my own style when it comes to boudoir photography.  Well pretty much with any type of photography I do these days I have made it a point to have my own style.  I like natural looks, and when I shoot boudoir style photos I like to do it a little differently than other boudoir photographers.  I know the stereo typical shots are wanted by many people, but I just don’t have the desire to do what so many other photographers are doing.

Emmy by Jim

I like the “hanging out” shots.  The ones where we (my subject and myself) are just talking, hanging out and the poses just come more naturally.  I do this with my clients and with the models I photograph.  I like a comfortable vibe, I like real smiles and I really like those in between moments I get to capture.  It’s like finding out your favorite line in a move was improvised, there is something special about that moment.

Emmy by Jim

I have re-titled my site and work Vibe 71.  Why?  Well as my wife said, “I’m all about the vibes” and 71 is my number.  It just fit, and it may not last forever, as I do change my mind a lot, but this work is about me and how I see the world.  I’ll be posting a bunch of random shoots, everything from boudoir to weddings to models to friends to whatever!  I am not limited myself.  This is my business and personal blog.  This is where I show everything I do.

Emmy by Jim

Today’s photos are from a session I did in Chicago a few years ago.  This was one of those shoots where I feel like the universe just put us together to make this shoot happen.  We got so many great images with so many different looks.  These are just a few from this series.  Emmy saw my skateboard and wanted to use it in the shoot somehow.  And I have to say, it seemed to work. 😉


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