Lived In

A few weeks ago I mentored a photographer at my home here in Palm Springs.  This was the 2nd time I had worked with him, it is always a fun time!  This time I brought in Nicole to model for us.  The mentoring session went really well and the next day I shot with Nicole just around my place.

A couple of weeks before this session I had also shot another session at my home with Sky.  She and I were shooting an editorial for a magazine and once again on day 2, we shot some cool stuff around my house.  I am really liking this, it isn’t like my house is some amazing mansion great for glamour shoots, but it does work for boudoir and my style of shooting.  I have photographed many boudoir sessions here, unfortunately for you, I can’t share the images as my clients have asked for privacy.  But I really like the way the images turn out here.

Sky by Jim

I don’t quite know what it is about this house, but so far I think it is my favorite home to shoot in.  Or it could be that I just like shooting in homes because my very first studio was my home.  I got my start when I had a nearly vacant 3 bedroom home as my studio.   I was in my early 20’s and while in college I had plans to possibly buy my parents home, they had moved out and all I had was my bedroom furniture and a few old chairs and a couch which was donated to me.  Little did I know this would set the tone for how I decorate my homes today and how I still love to shoot.

I actually shot wedding photos in my old home, I really need to dig those up!  25 years ago I was doing different things, crazy how this all works out.  I also did several boudoir sessions there.  Some of those negatives are with the women I photographed but I do believe I still have some in my archive of negatives.  I was photographing a wedding several years ago and when I met with the two grooms I had thought one looked very familiar, I had sworn I had met him before.  It turns out he was the younger brother of my friend in college, when I ran into her at his wedding we saw each other, gave each other a big hug and he asked, how I knew her.  Her response was hilarious, she told him how we were in college together, we used to hang out all the time how I had been to their house when he was younger and (this is the best part) how I took photos of her, and “oh, you took PHOTOS of me!”  The look on her brother’s face was hilarious, and he just didn’t want to know any more about this whole situation.

Olivia by Jim

I think I shot my first boudoir session back in 1991, this was one of those shoots that created a lot of work for me because she showed all of her friends and suddenly I had so many women who wanted these types of photos!  And all of this took place at my old house.  This may very well be why I love shooting in my home and why I love the look of stuff in the background, clothes thrown all over the place and the “lived in” feel it brings to the images.  I’ve also shot the typical studio photos, but even my studio had a very lived in vibe to it.

Life has been pretty good to me, and my photo career has been a crazy fun ride.  I’m looking forward to doing more boudoir sessions, more weddings, more portraits and just more of everything!  I love what I get to do, there are so many good things I could say about it all but I’ll stop with this.  I know I am lucky simply because I look forward to every new shoot and feel a certain excitement about them all.  I have several shoots scheduled in January, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


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