Finding Substance

What is inspiration?  To me there are many things which inspire me, some are locations, some are old movies and some are people.  My friend Roarie is one of these inspiring people in my life.  She is a model I have been photographing for many years, since she first got into modeling.  But there are some things that are different about photographing her.

Many times photographers wish for to have a muse, or a certain type of relationship with a model that goes beyond just someone just posing for them, a search for a connection I guess.  Roarie and I don’t have that, but we do have a good friendship and for whatever reason I really feel as though I need to up my game every time we shoot.  I always want to do something different and something I don’t really shoot with others.

Roarie by Jim

It is this level of respect which is what I find inspiring.  It is this type of person who inspires me to really want to raise the level of intensity of my work.  And this doesn’t mean to start creating super edgy shots or something with shock value.  Instead, it makes me want to create something of substance.

There are so many photographers in the world today, it is a market that is over saturated with the same old images over and over again.  This tells me there must be more.  What am I not doing, what am I doing that is the same as other photographers?  Instead of trying to push boundaries and get attention on social media, what can I do with my work to give it more substance?

I am not one to really take too many things in life seriously.  But there should be some form of substance to the fun I am allowed to have.  Photography to me is about life.  Whether we are creating images which are no part of reality or if we are shooting simple portraits, this is life, there is some sense of reality in all of the images I shoot, even the crazy weird ones.  This is where I like to be and this is how I see the world.

I am extremely lucky to have met so many amazing people along this journey.  Roarie is coming into town tonight and spending a couple of days with us shooting some projects.  I had an idea for the two of us to shoot but then I saw it is something that has been done many times out here in the desert, so now I’m changing plans, which I always do right before a shoot.  But I think I may have just upped my game a little again.  This is why I love working with her.  I am always thinking and I am always challenging myself to do something better.

Roarie by Jim

This is substance.  The photos I post online will eventually be forgotten and honestly some people may not find them inspiring at all.  But I have come to the realization that I am not here to just take pictures, I am not here just to simply have fun and be happy.  I am here to make lifelong friendships, be inspired and hopefully inspire a few others.  There is so much more to my life than taking pictures, this is just one of the ways I have found to share my thoughts with the rest of the world.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


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