When I first moved out to Palm Springs I started looking for people to photograph.  One of the first people to contact me was Patricia.  It took us over a year to finally shoot!  Honestly I have no idea why except for our schedules never seemed to match up.  But we finally met up and had a really fun shoot last week!

One thing we have in common is we both love that 1970’s vibe and style.  She had some cool wardrobe and we just ran around my house and got some fun shots in.  I love it when I get to take photos just for the pure joy of it.  It was a combination of portraits, editorial styles and boudoir even.  It was about creating a mood rather than forcing any specifically posed photos.


Life should always be this easy!  And this is my new direction in my work.  I just want to document things, have fun photo shoots and even when I shoot weddings I am approaching it with more of an observing eye.  I like to people watch and I love to work with people who want to be in front of a camera, even for a day.

I have a new project coming up, I will be working with three young women, sometimes 4 or 5.  They are a group of friends and I will be photographing them together and individually over time.  The concepts will range from portraits to editorial styles and more!  This is a personal project but it is also the direction I really want to push my work into.


There are so many photographers out in the world today.  Cameras are way more affordable than ever before and more accessible to everyone.  I’ve seen so many great new photographers coming up in the photo world and there is now one thing which tends to make you stand out.  Your own creative ideas and intention behind what you shoot.  I’m done selling my knowledge as a photographer, I am now selling my style.  I know I see the world differently and this is what you get when I take your photo.

Anyone can take a decent picture these days.  But do they have vision?  Do they have an idea of how an entire wedding day can look like an editorial for W magazine?  Or for Life magazine in 1964?  I just booked a wedding for later this year based off of this philosophy and I have a couple more possible weddings coming up with this style in mind.


It goes back to what they have always said.  Show what you want to shoot and you will book that.  So this is what I am doing now.  I show what I love to do and hopefully you can see the passion I have in my ideas, the love I have for photography and that I really do enjoy photographing people.  I love my job, and it is hard for me to call it a job because I get to play and have fun with people nearly every single day!  It’s all about good vibes!


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