Yesterday was another fun day!  I met Mayra (of all places) via Craigslist!  Yes, you can still meet people who are not totally crazy off of Craigslist.  It does happen.  But we met through an ad and we set up this shoot.  It was very casual, just a lifestyle shoot here in Palm Springs.  I really dig these little shoots.  It only took about an hour, no muss no fuss, we went over to The Ace, cruised on over to one of my favorite spots in the desert and then back to downtown.  It was a really fun shoot, full of good vibes and lots of positive energy.


Mayra has a really cool vibe about her anyway, so this shoot was seriously easy in my opinion.  I have no doubt there will be more shoots together in the future.  This is how I like to work.  Get to know someone, shoot together more than once, come up with different ideas, play around and just see what we can create together.  To me this is the perfect combination of portrait, beauty and editorial styles.


I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for future shoots, one really awesome one coming up next month and I’m still holding out some hope for one wedding I really want to shoot in March!  Keep your fingers crossed, it could seriously be epic!  For now here are a few images from yesterday’s shoot.  Life is about participation, if you don’t participate you miss out on a lot of things.  This shoot was just something that happened at the right time, one little Craigslist ad and voila, some cool photos to post.  Don’t let moments pass you by, life is happening all around you, join in!


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